Our seasonal menu of this month

Foie gras €14,-

Pan fried duck liver/ rhubarb/ hibiscus/ green apple                                                                

-Sea bass €12,50

Tartare of sea bass/ lemon/ different structures of cucumber

-Green asparagus €10,-

Green asparagus/ Morales/ cream of egg yolk         



-Filet of Plaice € 23,5

Lentils/ garlic/ cream of peas

-Lamb Saddle € 23,5

Raz el hangout spice/ polenta/ caviar of eggplant

-Celeriac €19.5

Celeriac cooked like a risotto, seasonal vegetables and an

herbal bouillon


Menu bistrot 3 courses

€ 37,-

Les Entrées

-Home-made paté

-Green asparagus

-Sea bass (Supplement of 2,5)


-Filet of Plaice

-Celeriac risotto 

-Lamb saddle 


-Tarte Citron Meringué

-Crème Brulée

-Dessert of the season 



Nice to share, served with bread

Charcuteries and cheese

More starters in our seasonal menu



Specialties from the French Alps

Fondue des Alpes

Huisgemaakte desserts

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