Nice to share, served with bread

Charcuteries and cheese

More starters in our seasonal menu



Specialties from the French Alps

Fondue des Alpes

Seasonal menu


Cream of peas
Mint, peas, gambas

Homemade pâté
Bread, butter, pickles

Foie gras (extra €5)
Duck liver, chutney of mango and fig, brioche

Rillettes of trout filet
Bread and butter



Lamb shank
Mashed potatoes/roasted vegetables
(Extra €2,5)
(à la carte €23,-)

Candied Sea Bass
Polenta, caviar of egg plant, escabeche of courgette, aigo bolido
(à la carte €21,-)

Celeriac Risotto
Porcini mushrooms / asparagus
(à la carte €21,-)


Dessert of the moment

Lemon Meringue Tart

Crème brûlée 

Plateau de fromage (extra €2,5)

Huisgemaakte desserts